Monday, 30 June 2008

Some developments on my comic characters

I must admit that this project has been placed on the back-bench for quite some time!!
But, here are just a couple more images that I have done. I figure if I post them here, it may remind me to get back into the project! Hopefully it works :)


david kennett said...

Hi Lauren
Comics are hard, labour intensive and at times frustrating, but satisfying when a page comes together. keep at it because even if you dont ever finish, the lessons you will learn are invaluable. 'Understanding Comics' Scott Mcloud and 'Comics and Sequential Art' Will Eisner are usefull and interesting insights into this most underated and difficult area of graphics
cheers david

this just in said...

Hey, long time, no blog (for me). I dig your characters but I am especially enamored with the Bowie-esque one in purple! You can't go wrong with any character taking inspiration from Jareth from Labyrinth! :)
That's awesome!