Monday, 30 June 2008

Dancer girls

I have been illustrating some dancer characters. Each character has a different dance style, everything from ballet - to street and hip hop. This is such a fun project, I love costumes, and I think dancing showcases some of the best!

Some developments on my comic characters

I must admit that this project has been placed on the back-bench for quite some time!!
But, here are just a couple more images that I have done. I figure if I post them here, it may remind me to get back into the project! Hopefully it works :)

Squirrel and possum

I did the top illustration late last year, for my uncle and auntie in England. They have the most beautiful back garden. As we don't get squirrels in Australia, one of my favourite things while I was staying in England was to watch the squirrels go about their business.
Underneath is a cartoon I did of an Australian ring-tail possum. Also, extreemly cute creatures. This possum was done as a concept for a children's book I'm currently illustrating. While this particular illustration won't be used, I thought it was quite cute.