Friday, 16 November 2007

Arrabella - comic book character

I am developing a comic-type book that I will write and illustrate myself, and I decided to share my first character with you. Her name is Arrabella (I have always loved those pretty names!).
As I am a devoted recycler, I have used the same facial features as is on Mhina (one of my earlier posts). In fact the bottom drawing has almost the exact same face! I'm not lazy - I just really liked the character, so I re-created her image to fit my story. (And maybe I am a little lazy). Anyway - I hope you like her so far - I may share some of the other characters once I am happy with them. Enjoy - comments or suggested improvemets are welcome!


Honor Bowden said...

Hey these look great, I love the little touches like the peacock feathers... and she has some attitude. My only suggestion is that maybe her hands could be a little larger on the top image? Nice work, look forward to hearing of her adventures! ;-)

Lauren Kate said...

Thanks so much for your comment - I like the feathers too :)
And, Your absolutely right - I'll make her hands larger in the top image, the hand reaching for an arrow in particular is tiny!! I hadn't realy noticed myself, so thanks - advice like that is exactly what I need :)

Rowan Dodds said...

Nice work Lauren - I especially like her hair. Keep up the great work.