Wednesday, 22 August 2007

I know, I know. You've seen him before...

First of all - I am SO SORRY I have been away for so long!
But, here is another image of Ziggy Stardust. Man, I'm sad! I promise it will be last of him for a while. But, I saw this photo of him, and I had to copy it! I've left his costume in balck and white, and just aded flat colour to his skin, hair and eyes. I think it looks quite good as is.
Stay tuned though, I am working on some more portraits... I will post them soon!!


steve said...

Well done--looks like classic Ziggy. I know this may sound lame to a more hardcore Bowie fan, but i'm personally a big fan of his "Let's Dance" album, from start to finish.

Lauren Kate said...

Thanks a lot Steve.
Its all good!! Personally I like his earlier stuff, but that one is a classic, a fantastic album.

Graham McArthur said...

Good to see you back Lauren. Ziggy looks good, can't wait for the portraits.

eolake said...

Big Bowie fan, me. Class of his own.

BTW, how did you find my own blog?

this Just in said...

Nice Ziggy! I dig the way the outfit is rendered...kind of like a high contrast xerox. It's cool to offset that with color on the face.

Thanks for the sweet comment, by the way! :)