Thursday, 12 July 2007

It's a fine line between Geeky and Cool...

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Some people are so Geeky, they're cool. Or visa versa. Many of the best 'cool' people have been so alternative, so outlandish and fantastical - we didn't even realise they were a nerd. Alternatively, some were just so obviously Geeky and didn't care - and that made them cool. Either way, I like people like that - Rock on Geeks!!

That's Life! #2

Here is an illustration I did a while ago for That's Life! magazine. After thinking it had been rejected - I was pleased to find it featured in this weeks issue. It is an illustration for one of their short stories. If you want to know what the story was - you will have to buy the magazine!!! Enjoy.

Sunday, 8 July 2007

I wish I had her dress

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Hey-ho! Here with a new fashion design -thingy.
Again, this was based on a sketch I did around a year or two ago. I thought I would make it into a vibrant colour version. I have also been experimenting with backgrounds lately. I never used to like doing them - but I have started to enjoy it! This is fantastic, because I think my images need a setting of some sort. I still cheat a little by using some image templates from Illustrator (eg the water lilly) but, I'm hoping to phase these out soon, and use all my own stuff!
Any comments are very welcome!!