Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Comission Pieces

Here are two Digiters I did for friends. Basically, one friend gave me still-shots from a movie, and the other said "could you do pengiuns?"
So here are the results. The movie-still piece needs some work done still. The two characters don't look sinister enough, and I forgot the all-important duct-tape!! (Fans of the film will understand!) So, with some minor adjustments to the illustration - I think it will be just about finished.


Graham McArthur said...

Hi Lauren, thanks for the link [I will add yours to mine] and also for your kind words. Good to see your own blog online. Nice choice of layout which suits your work very well. Your digiters are supurb. Keep up the good work and try to control Roger, he can get out of hand if he doesn't take his medicine :)

Lauren Kate said...

Thank you Graham!
I am so pleased with my layout, and how everything seemed to simply 'come together' so nicely.
Thank you so much for your fantastic comments, and I will look after Roger - don't you worry!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bitch,

Im quite disappointed at ur work here, i thawt it woulda bn half as good as my non existent one :P

Im jus playin. You're awsum n u know it!! Im so jealous. Hopefully mine wil turn out this good wen i get round to it :)

Love ya
Em xxxxxx