Monday, 30 April 2007

'Cos we are living in a material world...

Here is something a little bit different. This is a character, Mary-Kay I created a couple of years ago. She started out just as a marker illustration, but I thought that was just a little too boring. So instead I created this collage from pieces of material.

I would like to say that I cut each piece of material out myself - but I can't. I tried, but it was too hard and too boring. Instead, I cheated and scanned in the original sketch of Mary-Kay, and various pieces of material. I then imported them all into Photoshop and used the sketch as a template to 'cut' or 'punch' through the material. And there you have it - Mary-Kay, material girl.

Thursday, 26 April 2007

And All That Jazz...

Here is one of my ficticious album covers. Something a little art-deco and fun. Hope you like it!

Some of my favourite stars

Here are some portraits of my favourite people. Anthony Hopkins, Michael Wincott, and Isobella Rosellinni. Threee very talented and beautiful people.

Friday, 20 April 2007

When I'm bored...

These are what happen. If ever I have a spare few hours, Digiters are born. I suppose they have become an obsession. But, that isn't such a bad thing - what else would I do with that time?

The top one was inspired by a photo of an African woman I saw. She had the most beautiful eyes, and stunning blue-black skin.
The second, Labyrinth. My most favourite movie of all time!
The third is the Little Mermaid. She was illustated with 'Alice' for the chocolate box - but she hasn't been recovered yet.

I forgot!!!

My trademark illustration! I can't believe I forgot it until now, it should have been on my first post.
This is Alice. I originally created her for a chocolate box design called 'Old Classics.' But, the box was never completed, and for around four months Alice went un-used. After this time, I decided to use her for the cover of the children's classic "Alice Through the Looking-Glass.' Since then, Alice has been used as my personal trade-mark. You can find her on my bisiness card, portfolio, and now on my blog! I hope you like her, she has served me well.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Comission Pieces

Here are two Digiters I did for friends. Basically, one friend gave me still-shots from a movie, and the other said "could you do pengiuns?"
So here are the results. The movie-still piece needs some work done still. The two characters don't look sinister enough, and I forgot the all-important duct-tape!! (Fans of the film will understand!) So, with some minor adjustments to the illustration - I think it will be just about finished.

Hand-painted portraits

Here's some more art. Portraits done the 'traditional' way. These were done in watercolour, with charcoal for detail. I have sold some of these portraits, and love doing custom ones of peoples' family and friends.


Here are some portraits I have done. Using Adobe Illustrator, and my much loved Wacom, I create these from photos. It is a style I have developed over the years, and is constantly evolving into something new. These are basically digital caricatures, so I have dubbed them 'Digiters.' Recently I entered an illustration competition. I used this same style, I illustrated a cafe scene - but, because of the difference in subject it looks very different!

I have accepted many requests as to who I should illustrare next - and more are always welcome!

Saturday, 14 April 2007


This is my first Blog site, so please bare with me while I find my way around!
Here I will be posting my artwork and illustration, and whatever else I find of interest, I suppose.
I don't know yet.

So, welcome to Retrocharrm Art!
Influenced by the ever so charming artwork of the 40's and 50's, I like to create artwork and illustration that is a little bit different. You will find that portraits are a favourite subject of mine. But, I am hoping to branch out into other subjects soon.